Celebrating 45 years on planet earth • 1978-2023

Nick Jones


Hi. I'm Nick Jones. I'm a designer of websites, products, graphics, and many other things. Currently, I'm at Life360/Tile, where I handle design for both brand's websites as well as product design within our two apps.

The first time I got paid to make a website was in 1998. It was for a musician who had a very popular song about cowboys. It was terrible. (The website, not the song.) In the intervening decades, I've had detours into other work—agencies, media, even newspapers—but the web always brings me back.

I live with my wife and two sons just outside of Providence, RI, where we found ourselves after the Covid pandemic. Providence is like a smaller Boston with worse drivers. But it has Brown University and a small but thriving arts community, a must-have for our family. I'm a musician, painter, photographer, and novice printmaker, and I like being near other people making art. I'm also one of the last people to really, truly love New York City.